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  1.     30000 on the hoof / Zane Grey (1940)

Grey, Zane

Grey, Zane, 1872-1939 (Main Entry)Book/MonographAdd To Basket
  2.   Show catalogue enrichment data L'anatomie et la physiologie pour les infirmier(e)s / Sophie Dupont ; avec la collaboration de Anne Muller ; illustrations issues du Gray's Anatomie pour les étudiants réalisées par Richard Tibbits et Paul Richardson (2e édition) (2015)

Dupont, Sophie; Muller, Anne; Tibbitts, Richard M.; Richardson, Paul E.
ISBN: 9782294743412

Dupont, Sophie, 1967- (Author)Book/MonographAdd To Basket
  3.     Ceskoslovensko / Karel Plicka (1974)

Plicka, Karel

Plicka, Karel (Main Entry)Book/MonographAdd To Basket
  4.     The Christian interpretation of religion : Christianity in its human and creative relationships with the world's cultures and faiths / Edward J. Jurji (1952)

Jurji, Edward Jabra

Jurji, Edward Jabra, 1907-1990 (Main Entry)Book/MonographAdd To Basket
  5.   Show catalogue enrichment data Christianity and classical culture : the metamorphosis of natural theology in the Christian encounter with Hellenism / Jaroslav Pelikan (1993)

Pelikan, Jaroslav
ISBN: 9780300055542

Pelikan, Jaroslav, 1923-2006 (Author)Book/MonographAdd To Basket
  6.   Show catalogue enrichment data Cognitive therapy of substance abuse / Aaron T. Beck, Fred D. Wright, Cory F. Newman, Bruce S. Liese (1993)

Beck, Aaron T.; Wright , Fred. D.; Newman, Cory F.; Liese, Bruce S.
ISBN: 9781572306592

Beck, Aaron T. (Author)Book/MonographAdd To Basket
  7.     Crossroads to civil war : Lebanon, 1958-1976 / Kamal S. Salibi (1976)

Salibi, Kamal S

Salibi, Kamal S (Kamal Suleiman), 1929-2011 (Main Entry)Book/MonographAdd To Basket
  8.   Show catalogue enrichment data Dying in the twenty-first century : toward a new ethical framework for the art of dying well / edited by Lydia S. Dugdale (2015)

Dugdale, Lydia S.
ISBN: 9780262029124

Dugdale, Lydia S., 1977- (Editor)Book/MonographAdd To Basket
  9.   Show catalogue enrichment data Empire of things : how we became a world of consumers, from the fifteenth century to the twenty-first / Frank Trentmann (First U.S. edition) (2016)

Trentmann, Frank
ISBN: 9780062456328

Trentmann, Frank (Author)Book/MonographAdd To Basket
  10.   Show catalogue enrichment data The ethics of sightseeing / Dean MacCannell (2011)

MacCannell, Dean
ISBN: 9780520257832

MacCannell, Dean (Author)Book/MonographAdd To Basket
  11.   Show catalogue enrichment data Fish can't see water : how national culture can make or break your corporate strategy / Kai Hammerich and Richard D. Lewis (2013)

Hammerich, Kai; Lewis, Richard D.
ISBN: 9781118608562

Hammerich, Kai, 1960- (Author)Book/MonographAdd To Basket
  12.   Show catalogue enrichment data High windows / Philip Larkin (2015)

Larkin, Philip
ISBN: 9780571260140

Larkin, Philip, 1922-1985 (Author)Book/MonographAdd To Basket
  13.     A history of Byzantine civilization / [by] H.W. Haussig. Translated by J.M. Hussey (1971)

Haussig, Hans Wilhelm

Haussig, Hans Wilhelm (Author)Book/MonographAdd To Basket
  14.     History of the Arabs / by Philip K. Hitti (1937)

Hitti, Philip K.

Hitti, Philip K. (Philip Khuri), 1886-1978 (Author)Book/MonographAdd To Basket
  15.     The Holy Bible : a translation from the Latin vulgate in the light of the hebrew and Greek originals (1959)

 Book/MonographAdd To Basket
  16.     The Holy Bible : containing the Old and New Testaments / Translated out of the original tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by his Majesty's special command (1862)

 Book/MonographAdd To Basket
  17.     طرق مبتكرة لمواجهة التطرف العنفي

 Book/MonographAdd To Basket
  18.   Show catalogue enrichment data Language and law : a resource book for students / Alan Durant and Janny H.C. Leung (2016)

Durant, Alan; Leung, Janny
ISBN: 9781138025578

Durant, Alan, 1954- (Author)Book/MonographAdd To Basket
  19.     The life of Saladin : from the works of ̀Imad ad-Din and Baha' ad-Din / Sir Hamilton Gibb (1973)

Gibb, H.A.R.

Gibb, H.A.R. (Hamilton Alexander Rosskeen), 1895-1971 (Main Entry)Book/MonographAdd To Basket
  20.   Show catalogue enrichment data Makers of Arab history / by Philip K. Hitti (First Torchibook edition.) (1971, c.1968)

Hitti, Philip K.
ISBN: 0051315486

Hitti, Philip K. (Philip Khuri), 1886-1978 (Author)Book/MonographAdd To Basket
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